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We have served the Insurance needs of the Paulding, Douglas, Polk, Cobb Counties since 1910. We now have customers all over the State of Georgia.

Byrd Insurance Agency has been serving our community since 1910! We have always been a strong service oriented organization, treating all customers with the respect and honesty you deserve. Our goal is to try and educate the public on what Insurance is and how it can protect the items you work so hard to aquire. The Insurance Carriers we work with want to work with you as well and keep you in their portfolio of customers so we work hard to match you with the right company that fits your individual insurance needs.


Our Services

Below are just some of the insurance services we offer. Don't see what you need? We have it available - call us to discuss your specific needs and to get a free quote from one our professional insurance agents. For more information, just click on any of the areas below.

Automobile Insurance

On average, people spend more than 15 hours per week in their cars. That is an awful lot of time to spend on the road without the right coverage in place! Fortunately for Georgia residents, Byrd Insurance Agent can help solve your problems by meeting your needs and answering your questions.

Homeowners / Renters Insurance

Different species of birds build different types of nest in a variety of places, just like you built your home in a certain area of town, certain number of bedrooms and stories with different exterior colors. You want to make sure your insurance coverage protects your home and it unique aspects.

Umbrella Liability

Umbrella Liability coverage gives your extended coverage over the underlying policies such as your auto, home, boat and motorcycle. Call your local Byrd Independent Insurance Agent to determine what limits best meet your needs to protect your little chicks that are laying in your nest.

Life Insurance

What would your family do if they didn't have your income? Could they maintain the life they have now? Don't play fowl games with your Life Insurance coverage! Call the Byrd Insurance Agency, we will help you soar above the rest to make sure we give you the best!

Workers Compensation

Workers' Compensation Insurance is coverage to protect your employees if they are injured on the job in an accident. This is a valuable coverage to help you maintain healthy employees and establish a plan to help them return to work. We offer a wide variety of companies offering flexible payment plans.

Commercial Insurance

While your Insurance policy solutions may be simple, the implementation is complex depending on your specific needs. Your Byrd Insurance Agent will help devise an Insurance Program for your business today with a vision for tomorrow. We hope to grow with your business as you soar to new heights.

Our Team

Our flock is ready to ready to serve yours. Call us for all your insurance needs.

  • Madge Lovingood

    Hiram and Villa Rica

    Commercial Property, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Commercial Automobile, Professional Liability, Church Insurance, Life Insurance

  • Stacy Ball


    Homeowners, Automobile, Umbrella, Commercial General Liability and Property and Workers Compensation, Life Insurance

  • Louise Hinch

    Villa Rica

    Homeowners, Automobile, Personal Umbrella Liability, Renters Insurance, Rental Property, Motorcycle, Boats

  • Tim Rogers


    Homeowners, Automobile, Umbrella, Commercial General Liability and Property and Workers Compensation, Life Insurance

  • Erin Tarpley

    Villa Rica

    Homeowners, Automobile, Umbrella, Commercial General Liability and Property and Workers Compensation, Life Insurance

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